Yehuda Poliker was born in Kiryat Haim - Haifa, Israel on December 25, 1950. He is a noted Israeli singer and songwriter - a poet and painter. Poliker was born to Greek Jewish immigrant survivors of the holocaust - Shoah - who were deported from Thessalonica - Greece and survived the Auschwitz concentration camp. He lives, works and creates in Tel Aviv, Israel and has participated in several exhibitions.

His powerful vocals, dynamic stage persona and intuitive expressionistic style of painting, have made Yehuda Poliker highly admired both by the public and critics alike. His roots in Greek and Mediterranean ambiences influence his colors and compositions in his unique concept of painting, viewed from a wide humanistic angle, facing individual and social problems with slight humor and a delicate satirical approach imbued with love. The painter, the poet and the musician is the kind of super-artist who presides over his magnum opus of all arts. Ovid's synthesis of the arts in Metamorphoses is an ancient antecedent to fake rolex modern explorations as a prodigious and multifaceted artist in many forms, as is observed in Poliker who transforms his feelings and ideas into different media. This identifies him with Ovid's mythical unified embodiment of all arts accordingly to his self transformation into a type of Proteus. Poliker moves from real representations to abstract styles and vice versa. Intuitive, dynamic, gentle and strong and mostly prophetic in his visions, he transmits human truth throughout the world - from local Israeli life experience to all humanity who can enjoy his art which knows no frontiers and has the benefit to talk and converse through the magic of this international language, surpassing the limits of obvious reality to become an eternal and infinite mirror of the soul.

Dr. Miriam Or